Monday, July 4, 2011


I have a popular blog covering women's MMA and fitness called Promoting Real Women. Through that I have become able to cover local MMA, mostly with the NAAFS. I had recently began writing for an MMA site, mainly doing my interviews. No hard feelings toward that site because I liked it, but I feel I do better on my own. So I decided to do this. This will be my interviews with local fighters, fighters who come here to fight, and sometimes other fighters. Also it will feature news about local fighting. Mostly it will cover the NAAFS. Why? Because Nichole Long and Greg Kalikas have been good to me. They let me do what I love, and will be letting me make my debut in December.
I will allow comments on the posts, but anything that is disrespectful will be deleted. So I hope you enjoy this blog.

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